What is Pebbletown?
Pebbletown provides real estate investors with access to 3 types of residential real estate investments.

  1. Performing Loans – Properties, Mortgages, and Land Contracts that are for homes where the occupants are successfully making payments and creating excellent cash flow.
  2. Non Performing Loans – Mortgage or Land Contracts where the occupant is not making payments. These investments are available at bigger discount. The owner of this investment will need to reach out to the occupant and work out a solution that ends in the occupant making payments, or the investor can simply foreclose on the property to obtain clear title. We have the team that can foreclose for and Non Performing Loan that we offer to an investor.
  3. REO Property – Homes that have already been conveyed back to us via deed or foreclosure. These homes are empty and come with marketable title.

How do the occupants of Performing Loans pay for their home?

  1. The occupant can pay you directly using checks or money orders you can manage your own deposits. This may be good for you if you choose to own only one or two assets.
  2. You may elect to have the occupant pay a loan servicer that you select and hire, who will receive and manage the payments, and send you one disbursement each month for all amounts received, along with a breakdown of what amounts apply to each home.

How do I turn a Non Performing Loan (NPL) into a winner?
Most occupants of properties that have NPLs would LOVE to speak directly with the holder of their loan. We find that offering a fair modification agreement will open the door to negotiation with the homeowner. Once their finances have been reviewed and the homeowner is approved, simply completing a Modification Agreement and recording it with the appropriate county will put the homeowner in position to perform. As well, some homeowners want to give the home back to the bank (Us) and for us to relieve them of the burden of the home’s associated debt. We simply list the home for sale on the open market and sell the home as a REO property.

Which property type gets the best results?
Which type is best for me? Different investors prefer different strategies. All 3 of these paths are profitable. Call one our specialists today to discuss your preferences and to get a preview of the best assets that fit your plans.

What about property maintenance for a Performing Loan?
There is no property maintenance. The occupants are homeowners. They are responsible for their own repairs.

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