• For over a decade, we have focused on identifying, acquiring, and producing high quality real estate assets that generate results.
  • We provide real estate assets that offer exceptional opportunity. We offer Performing Loans, Non Performing Loans, as well as traditional REO Properties. You can purchase one or more of any of the product types.
  • We acquire properties in bulk purchase direct from banks. Because there are no middle men in our process, we are able to offer our customers the best pricing possible.
  • For our Performing Loans, we strive to set up each occupant for success by using several tools to evaluate their stability and approve their likelihood to successfully make payments on time. We review credit history, address history, any evictions history, and verify the identity and income of each family that applies to occupy one of our homes.
  • We have processes in place that turn Non Performing Loans into either Performing Loans or REO property. We can share our team with you!
  • We service both local and international clients. Our full service team of professionals gives you the executive service that you demand. Our team includes loan servicers, insurance providers, appraisers, licensed and insured contractors, tax professionals, foreclosure attorneys, and more. You know that team that you read about in books that talk about real estate investing? We already have that team in place. Our structure is designed to truly maximize performance and minimize exposure to liability. All you have to do is take advantage.
  • Call us today to get your piece of this opportunity. Get involved in your real estate future or allow us to assemble it for you. Call today! (248) 629-0455, fill out or contact form, or email us at