Welcome to pebble town

We provide real estate assets that offer exceptional opportunity. We offer Performing Loans, Non Performing Loans, as well as traditional REO Properties. You can purchase one or more of any of the product types.

We acquire properties in bulk purchase direct from banks. Because there are no middle men in our process, we are able to offer our customers the best pricing possible.

Performing Loans

Detroit Bungalow Price :$18500

Non Performing Loans

Redford Ranch Price :$25500

REO Properties

Dearborn Bungalow Price :$34900
Sample Tour

Enjoy this video tour of a recently completed renovated asset. This home represents a typical result of our renovations. These results are very attractive to occupants that are seeking a home for thier family. The positive emotional response we often get from our new occupants is a very satisfying reminder that we are providing product that our customers are thrilled to receive.